March ~ Boost Brain Health With Essential Oils

There are several different essential oil blends made by different companies to boost brain health. I like this blend because you can use it any time of day and it won’t make you tired. This blend may help if you suffer from a brain injury, dementia or Alzheimer's which can lead to symptoms such as clarity, concentration, memory and overall healing. Or if you are affected from stress or sleep issues causing a decrease in alertness as well as general brain function such as those mentioned above. There are other EO blends that can be made specifically for sleep issues which may also help with proper functioning of the brain, however due to their sedative effects you would not want to use during the day.

The essential oils I chose to use in this blend are Rosemary & Ylang ylang. I picked them because Rosemary’s therapeutic properties related to brain health includes antidepressant, nervine, and is a well known stimulant on the central nervous system. In addition to Ylang ylang having antidepressant properties it also provides aphrodisiac effects which can help decrease stress. Ylang ylang also has hypotensive and sedative abilities to assist in slowing down rapid breathing which may also help with anxiety.

There are many studies completed testing Rosemary's invigorating effect on memory, concentration and clarity specifically for people with dementia or Alzheimer's. Rosemary is believed to promote the circulation of Qi and is related to the third eye chakra associated with the need for clarity. Ylang ylang’s uplifting citrus floral scent may help dispel anger and create feelings of peace.

This Brain Power Blend is intended for use by teens, adults and elderly, using a 2% dilution ratio.


5 ml bottle - 1

Coconut oil (fractionated) - 5 ml

Ylang ylang essential oil - 1 drops

Rosemary(*) essential oil - 1 drops

*DO NOT USE Rosemary while pregnant, if you have epilepsy, or if you have high blood pressure.

Directions: Add rosemary & Ylang ylang to bottle. Fill the rest of bottle with coconut oil leaving room for plug/cap. Open bottle and breath through your nose to inhale scent or dab directly on the back of the neck as needed.


Jennifer Monahan

Aromatherapist & Reflexologist

Work cited:

Battaglia, Salvatore. The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy. The International Centre of Holistic Aromatherapy. (2nd addition) 2003. Print

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