The Meaning Of Life Is To Find Your Gift. 

The Purpose Of Life Is To Share It.

~ Unknown 

Creating client awareness and education is a standard part of care.  I offer an intellectual and intuitive approach to providing clients with the services and information that they need to achieve harmony and balance within their body.  I encourage my clients to explore the nature of their issues in a way that determines his/her decision about what to do. 

 I believe that everyone should be able to have access to affordable wellness services and that's why I offer low rates on all my services.  My top priority is the well-being of my clients and our community.  

About - Jennifer Monahan


Jennifer has a diverse background in the medical field.  She has held positions in various settings including at a spine & musculoskeletal office, children and adult psychiatric offices and was a pharmacy tech many years ago.  She spent several years as a billing specialist and provider/insurance contract & credentialing coordinator for multi-specialty providers.  Her training includes emergency medicine and holistic wellness.  Jennifer has a love and admiration for the human body and with her background in the medical field she was able to take that knowledge and apply it towards what she has learned about holistic wellness.


If you were to ask Jennifer what most interest her about essential oils, she would say the pharmacology (uses, effects and mechanisms of action) and pharmacokinetics (how they move through the body) of them.  It fascinates her.  And if you were to ask her about reflexology, she might say, it feels amazing, almost anyone can do it, and it offers so many great benefits. She herself began to notice the lasting effects each session had on her body.  She experienced better sleep, less tension in shoulders and neck, elevated mood, a sense of feeling lighter, increased circulation and deeper relaxation.